GraphApps Mission Statement

GraphApps is building a worldwide innovative designer, framework and toolkit and best practices and patterns to build much faster true agile applications for complex business, administrative, aerospace and military applications.

GraphApps gather experiences from a lot of business areas to achieve one of the biggest dreams of all product managers, ERP designers, program directors, project managers, business analysts, architects, developers and CIOs all over the world:

To be able to commit on the fact that the investment in software will last for a very long time, even in harsh contexts where the business is changing quickly

We propose one of the most powerful ways of building complex applications ever available:
-Unlimited automatic timelines,
-Views in the past even for very complex data structures (such as aircraft configurations),
-Native programming models for implementing thousands of complex business rules that can apply now and in the past,
-Full traceability of business rule application,
-Unlimited maintainability and extensibility of the applications without redesign or non regression testing,
-Native management of softly structured complex containers,
-Powerful toolkit enabling super-rich default application behaviours (such as security and navigation).

Our beta version will be available Q3 2016.

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